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Road Trip from London to Budapest for Sziget Festival 2023 – Apply Visa Now

Road Trip From London To Budapest

If you’re considering taking a road trip to Budapest for Hungary Sziget Festival, you may look up for places to stop. Verify the weather again after checking the driving conditions. Based on the most popular locations, find the top hotels, restaurants, and attractions.
The ideal approach to learn about both cities and enjoy a stress-free vacation is to take a road trip from Vienna to Budapest. In order to do this, it is crucial that the transport, the set departure times, and the schedule for seeing the attractions be given first priority.
If you want to get the best out of your trip, it’s best to start your journey early so that you enjoy best and cover the maximum distance during the day time. When you travel by car from London, you have a lot of flexibility and can choose the destinations as per your convenience and stop anywhere you wish.


Sziget Festival 2023

If it is your first time at Sziget festival Hungary, all the relevant information for an amazing trip on The Island of Freedom is provided here.
Sziget Hungary Music festival takes place in Budapest, from August 10 to 15. Thousands of Melomaniacs from across the globe visit the capital of Hungary each year to enjoy the festival. Over the course of six days, a wide variety of musical performances will take place on the island, in addition to workshops, new music, theatre, circus, dancing, visual arts, food & drinks, and much more.


It’s crucial to gain access to the place first. A 3-Day Pass, a Day Ticket, or a Full Festival Pass can be used for this. The rates will rise if you wait too long to purchase your tickets.

Travel To Budapest

There are several ways to get to Sziget festival from UK, but the cleanest ones are by train and bus. Even the trip to Budapest is an experience in and of itself, and you could even meet some new festival pals. Air travel is another convenient choice of reaching here. Budapest has an international airport that is well linked, with several flights coming every day from all over the world. You may simply go to Sziget after you get there via a cab, or the public transportation system, or a shuttle bus. Additionally, if you’d rather drive, you may leave your vehicle in one of the secure parking areas close to the Sziget festival Budapestgrounds.


Get ready for an unmatched adventure at the Hungary Sziget festival! You not only get to enjoy the world-class musical performances but also get to experience the free camping if you have a Full Festival Pass, 3-Day Pass, or two consecutive day tickets. Various upgrades for camping are available if you want that extra comfort. However, if you prefer the city, Budapest offers a wide range of accommodation choices that will meet your requirements. The choice is all yours!

Camping At Festival Sziget

Imagine waking up in the middle of the action and being able to jump back to your comfy bed after whole day of dancing. That is what camping at Hungary Sziget festivalis like. And guess what? Almost anywhere you wish, you can camp for free! To get a little additional sleep in the morning, just be sure to choose a comfortable place with some shade or next to a tree. Even if you desire to get a ready-made tent or accommodation? No worries, Sziget has everything in for you.

City Stay

Budapest’s city centre is another option for staying while here for Hungary Sziget festival 2023. It is easily accessible and on average it takes 30 minutes to get to the event location.TheH5HÉV (railway), which departs from Batthyány tér or Margit hid every 15-20 minutes, is the quickest way to go to Sziget. Filatorigát is the name of the stop to get off (and on) at Sziget.

The Event

You may enjoy all the splendor Sziget has to offer for six days. From finding new music to listening to the greatest musicians like Imagine Dragons, David Guetta, and Billie Eilish. Numerous workshops, yoga, dance, presentations, games, and much more are available. You may also seevarious Hungary Arts and cultureby visiting The Art of Freedom, which has unique artwork on display.

Hungary Sziget festival 2023 Lineup

The festival will be headlined by Imagine dragons and David Guetta. Other’s performing at Sziget are as follows:

Imagine DragonsJungle By NightGrasa
David GuettaMurdockKisé
Billie EilishMEZZOSANGUE6363
LordeAnima Sound SystemCo Lee
Florence + The MachineThe Haunted YouthShell Beach
FoalsMarino CanalSonic Rain
Niall HoranPogány IndulóMüller Péter Sziámi AndFriends
Tv GirlSon Rompe PeraFreekind (SI)
Sam FenderEkhoeManaky
Amber RunCepasaSzalai
Kraak & SmaakgyurisRiryDav
Vintage CultureAKC MisiLAU (H)
Charlie CunninghamPalmariaSisi (HU)
Ben BöhmerHundred SinsFülöp
Call Me KarizmaHannah GraeStefánia Allstars
Giant RooksLil Frakk 
Barely Alive  

Food & Beverages

Sziget offers a variety of food trucks selling cuisine from throughout the world, so enjoy the journey. You’ll never run out of alternatives to sate your appetites thanks to Hungarian specialties, sweets from across the world, and vegan options.

You absolutely need to apply for Hungary visa if you plan to go to Hungary for the Sziget festival from UK. For that first you need to secure a Hungary visa appointment. So let’s get to know the application process without any further ado.

Everything You Need To Know Sziget festival

Hungary Sziget festival 2023

With a Hungarian Schengen visa you are able to travel temporarily throughout all 27 European member states as well as the other Schengen areas. Holders of this visa may enter and remain in the Schengen Area for up to 90 days within a 180-day period.
A team of knowledgeable visa specialists that have worked with several EU embassies and dealt with a variety of visa applications over the course of more than 12 years power Hungary visas. Therefore you may benefit from a quick online Hungary Visa appointment process, easy documentation help, and a smooth visa application process!

Hungary Visa Types

Before applying for a Hungary visas, you must choose the visa type you require based on your planned purpose of trip, from the below mentioned list:

  1. Short Stay Visa–A short-stay visa is required for anyone planning on staying in Hungary for fewer than 90 days.
  2. Tourist VisaHungary tourist visa is issued to anyone who want to go to Hungary for up to 90 days. You can travel to other Schengen countries during this time by obtaining this visa for single, double, or triple entries.
  3. Long Stay Visa– For longer visits in Hungary, long-stay visa to Hungary is granted. For instance, if you wish to stay in Hungary for more than three months, you must apply for a long-stay visa. Depending on why you’re visiting, there are a variety of long-stay visas available.

Hungary visa request

  • Work Visa: If you plan to stay and work in Hungary for a period of time longer than three months, you must have a work visa. A work visa can be obtained if you work for or run your own business under the supervision of a citizen of Hungary.
  • Student Visa: For those who wish to study in Hungary for a period longer than 90 days, a student Hungary visa Londonis necessary. The holder of this visa is able to stay in Hungary up until the end of the specified term of study.
  • Family Visa: A family visa application must be made by anybody who wishes to visit or join their family members—spouses, children, parents, etc.—who already live in Hungary. A family visa can be extended for an additional four years after its initial four-year validity period.
  • Working Holiday Visa: An application for a working Holiday visa is acceptable from young individuals between the ages of 18 and 30 who want to visit the country and discover more about its way of life and culture. This Hungary Schengen Visa UK entitles young foreign citizens to one year of residence and employment in Hungary.

Hungary Visa Documents

When filing an online Hungary visa application, the following documents must be presented.
• Visa application form, completed and duly signed.
• A passport that is valid and has at least two blank pages with its copies.
• Passport size photographs, minimum two and against white background.
• Minimum coverage of 30,000 euros for health insurance.
• Cover letter detailing the reason for your trip.
• Travel information: Dates of travel, time of arrival, and time of departure.
• Proof of accommodation including the name and address of your hotel and your itinerary.
• Documents proving one’s civil status, such as birth certificates, marriage certificates, and death certificates, where appropriate.
• Bank statement of the last three months to prove you have the money to cover your expenses throughout your stay in Hungary.

Application Process

Applying for a visa to Hungary involves the steps listed below:
• Check to see if you are eligible to apply for a visa, then choose the best category for your travel (vacation, study, employment, family, or business).
• Make sure you know where to send your Hungary Schengen Visa application.
• Before going to the consulate, make an appointment for a Hungary visa with the Hungarian representative.
• Complete application form.
• Assemble all the necessary documents.
• Set a date for your visa interview.
• Pay the required Hungary visa fees and keep a photocopy of your receipt with you when you visit the consulate.
• Attend the interview and provide the necessary documents along with your Hungary visa Manchester application.
• When your visa application has been processed, you will get an email with information about the status of your visa.

Final Words

Hungary Sziget Festival starts soon, what are you waiting for? Start your visa application today to get it in time and enjoy the electrifying event watching your favorite bands and artists live in action.
Sziget is a festival where will enjoy a top-notch music event in an entirely different setting. It provides excitement, culture, and some excellent music. It is definitely a once in a life time experience that you shouldn’t be planning to miss. So hurry up guys, let’s get going, and book your Hungary visa appointment now.u are permitted to enter the Schengen area should be stated on your Hungary visa. Single-entry Hungary visas only allow one entry into the Schengen area, whereas double-entry and multiple-entry visas allow two and an infinite number of entries, respectively.


How can I submit a request for Hungarian Schengen Visa?

A Schengen visa application form for Hungary must be completed. You will also need two recently taken passport-size photos, a passport that is less than ten years old, and a passport that will still be valid for at least three months after the day you leave the Schengen Area. A cover letter outlining your itinerary and the reason for your visit, a flight schedule, and evidence of your lodging during your stay are also required, in addition to proof of your civil status (such as a marriage certificate), travel and medical insurance proof covering you for up to €30,000 in expenses, and proof of your marriage.
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How long will it take to get my Online Hungary visa, if I apply today?

In the best case scenario, the processing period for a Hungary visa from UK might take up to 15 days, while in the worst case scenario, it could take up to 60 days to be issued. You may apply for a visa up to six months before to the travel date you intend.

Will I have to submit my original passport when applying for the visa?

Yes, you must provide your original passport in order to receive Hungary visa London since the visa is stamped on your passport.

From which nation I should apply for my visa if I am planning to visit more than one Schengen country?

The Schengen country where you will be visiting the longest is where you should submit your Hungary tourist visa application. You should apply for your Hungary visa from the country you wish to visit first if you intend to spend an equal amount of time in two separate countries.

In order to enter the Schengen region, how many time I can use my visa?

Number of times you are permitted to enter the Schengen area should be stated on your Hungary visa. Single-entry Hungary visas only allow one entry into the Schengen area, whereas double-entry and multiple-entry visas allow two and an infinite number of entries, respectively.